Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mr. Inside, Mr. Outside

I managed to come home after work yesterday and begin to paint the rafter beams and the barge board. The color is a custom one mixed to match the drip edge on the barge board and is some kind of "weathered bronze" color. This is a darker version of a color we used at our old house called "Putty." The old owners of my favorite paint store, said that "Putty" was really the same color as an old Mautz Paint, that honestly was called "Doesn't Show Dirt." We used that color on our foundation, rafter beams and porch floor at Van Buren St. and it really did live up to its name. The beadboard in the overhang at Foxcroft is the same color as what we did our clapboards at Van Buren, "Lambswool." We will use that color on the wooden trim at the gable ends as well. I think we'll also re-use the butter yellow on the window trim too. That one is called "Chamois." The lookout beams will be a dark brick red, perhaps we'll re-use the "Burnished Mahogany" that was on our old storms/screens. Can you tell we really liked the colors of our old house? Lisa picked them all.

Pete came over last night and we started to grout the upstairs bathroom's tile floor. He did all the hard work in spreading and working the grout, I kept him supplied with fresh water at the wiping stage, which meant a steading hauling buckets up and down the stairs.

My plan is to paint after work again on Wednesday, and to finish grouting on Thursday evening.

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