Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Homes from my Childhood!

The photo above is our house in North Liberty. We lived there in 1964. I remember (as a four year old) that we had a party line telephone, and the lady across the street (Myrtle Werk) didn't have indoor plumbing. For more of these reminisces see:
Homes of My Youth

Sadly, the first place I remember living, 641 S. Lucas Street, has been torn down and replaced with bad apartments for university students. It looks like this now:

Here is the house across Lucas Street that had kids my age:

Here's the house we moved into when I was 8, I lived here until I went away to college. My parents sold it in 1988 when they couldn't get a permit to put a porch across the front.

While I'm searching, how about this one:

This was my paternal grandparent's home in Northwest Iowa. They moved into it in 1950 and it was sold when my grandmother passed away in 2002.

Now if I could just find a picture of the house we lived in when we moved to Oklahoma City for 2 weeks in between the North Liberty house above and the one on Seymour Street. I kid you not, we moved from Iowa to Oklahoma City when my dad took a job as an editor with a textbook publishing company. He hated the commute so much he put in his week's notice at the end of his first week. We moved back with most of the boxes never unpacked.

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