Sunday, October 09, 2005

Caulking on Mt. Everest

OK, so it's not that high, but getting to the top of the gable still gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I primed the trim yesterday and today I started topcoating the beadboard. I then caulked all the seams on the lookout posts, and the bargeboard. The first two pics are from yesterday. The last two are from today.

Frequently while teaching I will make the statement "There are two types of people in the world, those who divide people into two groups, and those who don't." Today I was thinking about the two types of people who restore old houses: those who fix up one house until it's perfect and they stay forever, and serial remodelers. I always thought we were in the first category, until we found Foxcroft. While I don't plan to move from here in quite a while, I like being able to do all these projects with the knowledge of what I did on Van Buren St. Given that the houses have nearly identical floor plans makes it even better. I knew exactly how to lay on my back on the roof with a foot on the eaves board to paint the beadboard overhanging the sides of the gable. I knew exactly how to caulk the lookout posts. Even though I'm older, I'm still working about twice as fast as I did when I had to puzzle through everything. It's a great feeling.

There are plenty of things yet to do upstairs inside that I've never done before, but that also makes it interesting, so that it isn't entirely monotonous. I did finish the tile on the bathroom floor on Friday. It looks great. My next step there will be cutting a 45 degree angle on the 1x6 for the trim. I'll need Pete's saw for that, then I'll start painting and cutting trim to length. My evenings will be full for a long time to come.

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Carol said...

I have not been following your story- the dormer you are working on looks so NEW! Is it stripped old stuff or is it built on the back of the house (to match the front one in the old photos) for more head space upstairs? It looks great!