Monday, October 03, 2005

We're Trendy??

"Trendy" is certainly not an adjective I would apply to my family, especially when it comes to how we deal with our house. Imagine my surprise when reading our local paper yesterday that I look over the weekly piece in the classified section about "updating" (I often think "Yupdating") your home. I nearly always cringe when I look at their suggestions for improving your home, especially it's re-sale value.

Yesterday's piece was on how bathroom remodels are your best value financially because you can get back nearly 90% of costs at sale.... and so on. Then they list the most common trends in bathrooms and damned if we aren't doing nearly every one in the new bathroom we're building upstairs:

  • water closet (separating the toilet from the rest of the bath)
  • additional vanity area (with 2 daughters we figured two places to get ready would be good)
  • separate tub and shower (we thought it would be easier than crawling in and out of the clawfoot tub)

The only one we aren't doing is putting our sink in a "furniture" setting.(we're going with a pedestal)

I had a good laugh reading through all that, and here we thought all our ideas were original ones to help deal with an unusual space: our bathroom is an "el," but in reality we're just following the crowd.

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