Thursday, October 27, 2005

We've Got Power (Well, some places do)

Tom, our electrician, is just about finished. Lots of little details have been taken care of in the last two days. While Bess generally had wonderful plans, there were a few things that have us wondering "What was she thinking?" when she built the house in 1928, and I'm talking about things that were strange even for those times. Two big ones were electrical: While the living room has six electrical outlets, the dining room had one. We now have three, which should be a big improvement. Also, we moved one of the sconces in the first floor bathroom. Originally there was a sconce on either side of the corner sink, but strangely they were not centered in any way, nor really useful since the mirror is on the medicine cabinet to the right of the sink.

We had Tom move one sconce so they are centered on the medicine cabinet. Our next plan is to remove the corner sink and put a salvaged pedestal that we have under the medicine cabinet. I look forward to being able to shave and not leave shaving cream on the floor as I won't have to move between the sink and the mirror.

Another great step is that we have a back porch light, which we haven't had since June. When we removed the closet bump out wall into the kitchen we lost the kitchen overhead, back porch, and garage lights. We got the kitchen overhead back a few weeks ago, but not the porch since we had also removed the very scary hanging wires (I could reach up and touch them easily, if I dared) between the house and the garage. The porch light switch was a three way that could be turned on from the house or the garage. Now just the garage light needs to be wired back up

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