Monday, October 31, 2005

Dining Room: New Buffet!

What can I say about Lisa? Not only is she a wonderful parent with a busy and successful professional career, she certainly does more than her share of restoration at Foxcroft. She was tired of the "half done" look in the dining room, so she has been working on stripping the windows, by far the worst in the house. This weekend she wanted to finish them, so she completed sanding, stained and got two coats of varnish on. She also is nearly finished with the corner cupboard too.

Since this was nearly done by Sunday afternoon we decided to get the new buffet off the porch before trick or treaters arrive tonight. Once again, what can I say about Lisa? She can move furniture. We took the old cupboard upstairs:

It does break into three pieces thankfully.She also helped me get the new buffet, that I salvaged from Evanston, IL, last week, into the dining room. We got rid of the crappy old carpet (last unwanted relic of previous occupants) and put the buffet where it will eventually be. We put the doors back on and shelves, and immediately ended up piling stuff on it, oh well.

She is thrilled at how it looks there, and I am glad she enjoys it. When upstairs is finished and we can move things up, we will be able to complete the dining room: paint and strip and re-do the floor. With luck we'll have the plaster put back where we had to addd the support columns for the gable before we move upstairs.

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