Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lights! Outlets! Action!

Tom the electrician has been here the past three days and now we have working ceiling lights/fans upstairs and all our outlets are live too. Yee Ha! It will be nice not to have to run extension cords from the laundry. Tom also got our main ceiling light up in the kitchen, and outlets there too as well as increasing the number of outlets in the dining room by 100% (now we have two) He'll come next week and get the back porch light working again, and bury the lines to the garage which have been inactive since June.

I also nearly finished painting the tub feet. I had already painted the "balls" of the feet the same shade of dark gray that the underneath of the tub is, now the claws are silver. One more coat and they will be ready. The blue in the pic below is painter's tape. The girls were watching me tonight and want to have the toenails painted red.

I am going to drive to Dubuque tomorrow to check out Mid America Architectural Salvage. They said they had one and a half inch wide oak flooring, if so, I'll get enough to for the rest of upstairs, and the trifecta of accomplishments for the week will be complete.

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