Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Homes of my Youth*

I was out at Longfellow Elementary today and since I had the camera along I took pictures of two homes I lived in as a young boy. The first was on Rundell St. We must have lived there in about 1963. I have very few memories of there, other than falling in the creek from the back yard.

This house was a rental when we lived there, it is known locally as a "Moffit" house, built by local builder, Howard Moffit, who was famous (actually notorious) for his "unorthox" building methods (He was a great scavenger) A few homes down the street from this one have left over street car rails as floor joists visible in the basement.

The other house is across from Longfellow school. It is an interesting sort of Cape Cod/Tudor house.

It has been added on to twice since we lived there. We owned the house from 1965-69. I started kindergarten when we lived there. It has been owned by the same family since 1975. Here is a picture from the city audior's site, that shows the second gable added on the back and the screened in deck in back too:

Is it any wonder I like bungalow era homes so much?

*With apologies to local author Jo Ann Beard, whose book "Boys of My Youth" is absolutely gripping.


kingstreetfarm said...

Was just out blogsurfing on HouseBlogs and came across Foxcroft. Looks wonderful!!
Great eBay find, as well--wow.

Anonymous said...

Nice color choice for the bathroom. Wasn't sure what that color was going to look like - looks like a cool, water blue from the picture, which I really like. Since you have three "Fish" in your family in various age ranges they will feel quite at home in their watery atmoshphere. "The Aunt"