Thursday, September 22, 2005

Plugging Away...

We continue to plug away at our restoration, literally and figuratively.

The literal is Lisa working on the front hill. After removing the gigantic plum tree that was growing sideways out of the front hill (See Septuagenarians with Saws) She has gotten rid of the creeping charlie, mulched, and transplanted hostas from other spots in the yard and added new plants, including the state wildflower of Alabama the Oak Leaf Hydrangea. (God I love "Google")

My theory on yards is that all hillsides should be planted in perennials and mowing should only happen in flat areas. We've even taken that a step further here at Foxcroft since the yard is more than quadruple our urban postage stamp on Van Buren St. In the near back yard where we removed all the other scrub trees I sowed in white dutch clover, a low growing variety that is drought resistant, spreads, holds up under high traffic and is impervious to pet urine (free range dogs around here) into the walkways around the flower beds.

I on the other hand am much more figurative. I finished painting the upstairs hallways and sitting room (color is called "Inviting Ivory")

Pete and I moved the cabinets and soapstone top up to the bathroom. I also finished staining and varnishing the medicine cabinet that will also go in the bathroom.

With luck tomorrow the electrician will come and start to put up lights and outlets in the upstairs!

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