Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A "Rosy Outlook"

We are now painting upstairs rooms, Our older daughter chose "Solaria" as the VERY bright yellow that her room is now painted. Our younger chose "Rosy Outlook." When opening the can I told Lisa it was really "Strawberry Ice Cream." However the best description of the color goes to our neighbor, Mike, who took one look and said "Princess Pink."

It's great fun to take the digital camera upstairs at 10:00 PM and shoot pics in total darkness. Here are some upstairs photos, and for comparison purposes, what that section of the second floor looked like the first time we went upstairs, shortly before we bought the place in 12/03, or in the middle of emptying it in 05/05.

When I get discouraged about our pace slowing down, it helps to go back and realize how much we really have accomplished in a short amount of time, while maintaining our relative sanity and our relationships. I am also able to see so much potential here, and find Foxcroft to be a truly wonderful place to live.

I guess I really do have a "Rosy Outlook."

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