Saturday, September 10, 2005

My Ebay Doors

I have been looking for doors for the upstairs for 6 months. I searched our local Salvage Barn, and scoured every internet salvage site I could find. I have watched all the Chicago demolition sales web pages, but had no luck at all. On a whim I looked on Ebay and found an auction for 8 oak doors, in jambs with complete hardware. The doors sizes were exactly what I needed and the auction was ending in 45 minutes. I bid and won and had my upstairs doors. They were located in the Twin Cities, a bit over 5 hours drive from home.

I talked to Chris the seller several times electronically, and decided to get them on September 9th. I rented a trailer and hooked it up to Pete's truck (see previous post) and went north. When arriving I found that Chris was very pleasant and the doors were beautiful. She and I put them on their sides into the trailer. She told me the doors had come from her husband's parents' house, and that they were extensively remodeling it for her, as it had never been updated since they built it in the 1920's. Chris also asked if I was interested in buying either the kitchen cupboards or the front door. I really don't have anywhere for the cupboards but I did buy the front door.

We stacked the doors on their sides in the van and put the front door on top

When I got home I called Pete to come help unload and we took them out

We put four in Rowan's room and four in Laurel's for now.

We tried to put one into an opening and it fit nearly perfectly.
The doors are different than first floor, but that's OK, I need to find one more to get the entire upstairs ready. The hardware is nice too.

I can't use the front door anywhere here at Foxcroft, so I'll likely donate it to our local Friends of Historic Preservation Salvage Barn


Anonymous said...

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Chaz said...

Haloo from Okoboji from a transplanted Waterlooian! In their Aug 27 post the folks at Stuccohouse blog said there was some salvage place closing up there....maybe you can find your last door there.

Good luck! I may have a two panel 30 incher in pine that you may have if you have a door getting painted or want to vaneer one side of it.

ben said...

Hey, those look exactly like my interior doors,... and hardware too! I've never found the exact same door but now it's nice to know that they are not "custom" but probably a midwestern standard. Guess I'll need to watch ebay more:)

Mike said...

I've read about StuccoHouse before, and enjoy the postings there. The place they were referring to I believe in the Re-Use Center which is not closing but relocating.


I'm pretty sure I can get a door to match at our local salvage barn (I'm a board member) the two horizontal panels doors are pretty standard. But I certainly appreciate the offer.

Our first floor doors are two VERTICAL panels, which are rare, but our next door neighbors have Three vertical panels doors, I've never seen anything like them.

If I had to guess I'd say the doors came from the Gordon-Van Tine company, a major millwork and house kit supplier (like Aladdin and Sears) that had a very large factory in Davenport Iowa. I have an original 1926 catalog of theirs at my office and I'll check on Monday to see if they have that style of hardware as an option.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I agree with "Rosy Outlook" and the other should be "Sunny Days Ahead" - but "Princess Pink" does fit the owner of that bedroom. Hey will that front door fit my house? It looks pretty neat - just wondering, but am serious because as your wife and daughters know, my b-day is just around the corner - Looks good, "The Aunt".