Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Diamond Jubilee

One of the more entertaining aspects of maintaining our municipal website is that I've started a section celebrating town history. Since 2010 is our Diamond (75th) Jubilee, we're trying to celebrate in many ways. Of course everything I have put up so far is from Bess' photo albums. Here are a few shots:

My very favorite picture, Foxcroft totally eclipsed by the house next door, which was built by the real estate developer of University Heights. Both homes were completed in 1928. Mr. Koser, the storybook style home owner, was the first mayor after University Heights incorporated. Bess served on the first city council:

Back of Foxcroft under construction:

View from the front porch, 1928, University Hospitals and the Fieldhouse are in the distance:

View from the front porch, 1934, The UI football stadium was built in 1929:

I have lots more to share. Larger versions of all these pictures can be found here:

University Heights PLACES

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