Monday, April 19, 2010

The Same... But Different

Here is a photo of Bess vacuuming out the pond circa 1934:

Side note: we found that electolux vacuum when we cleaned out the attic in 2005.

Here is a picture of me, vacuuming out the pond last week:

Neither my shop vac nor my outfit is as stylish as the original!

I used some cement patch to go around the edge of the patch I put in last year, and then painted the whole pond over the weekend.

Pool paint comes in one color at the S-W store: ocean blue. Here is the same angle as the two pics above:

And another view:

Now I need six more dry days (they don't have to be consecutive) and we can fill it with water. Then we'll let it sit a while and put the fish back in.


Kate H. said...

Naahhh . . . don't think the dress would suit you.

I admit I haven't followed your blog as much as I should have, considering it's one of the A-list ones (really!!). But now I'm curious about the difference in the view behind the pond in the two photos, and I'd like to find out more.

(I like the stone wall rather better, but change happens.)

Alexi said...

This is GORGEOUS! The layout & landscaping is awesome!