Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring Arrives

It was warm enough last night that we had band practice outdoors. The pergola is just big enough for the five of us:

We got a thumbs up from Jill across the street who was out walking her kids in the stroller, and another thumbs up from a car who came to pick up a flyer for the house behind us which is for sale, again.

Here is the near back yard with the cilla in full bloom:

And the side yard where the cilla has completely taken over:

Cilla or Siberian Squill is a wild flower that is a small bulb. It is a very early bloomer, right after the snowdrops and the crocuses. Cilla spreads naturally, and was here already when we came. After the blooms are gone (in about a week) the leaves look like very thick grass. When you walk in it after the blooms are spent it is very squishy. By May the leaves are gone too.


julie said...

I had no idea those lovely flowers were called cilla. Thanks for the information! I'm returning Bess's diary soon.

StuccoHouse said...
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StuccoHouse said...

Ack - couldn't find your email, so feel free to delete this comment :) Interested in joining the 2nd Annual Bungalow Blog Tour this year? I'm starting earlier this year...and hopefully will be more organized :) Planning on May 8th. It was fun last year.