Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goodbye Princess Pink...

...Hello Hootenanny!

Younger daughter has been begging for two years to re-paint her bedroom. Her most persistent line of reasoning is that she chose her room color when she was 4, and that now she has reached the ripe old age of 9 a change is in order.

We relented and decided that spring break was a good time to do this, so we started clearing her room out Friday night and on Saturday I set to work. "Hootenanny" is the color of green she chose. She painted the smiley face herself.

Here we are conferring after finishing the test wall and starting to turn the corner. Since the original paint was relatively new I merely cleaned the walls and re-coated rather than clean, prime then re-coat.

This photo gives a chance to show off her cast. Due to a buckle fracture in her left radius she gets to wear that for a month.

And here she is sleeping this morning with the cat standing guard.

Other major spring break projects to follow!


hovercraft said...

Oh yeah...that's way better ; 0

julie said...

I can see younger daughter riding her bike from my office window. The cast doesn't seem to slow her down a bit.

Anji said...

It looks great. Parents of daughters should get a warning about not painting bedrooms pink.

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