Sunday, December 16, 2012

Other Bloggers

Time for a brief shout out to the inimitable Garner St. John. He is the three time mayor of nearby Verne.
Please visit his blog above. His latest episodes with Sean Hannity on election night and Anderson Cooper showcase the insight and depth that make him one of our favorite local politicians. Also his touching tribute to Andy Williams shows a side that few elected leaders have the guts to display.

In a startling coincidence city Clerk Danforth Quinn's house (pictured above and can be found below at 1:22 in the clip) could easily be a twin for Foxcroft! An unrelated but equally startling coincidence is that Garner could easily be the evil twin of my childhood pal, Rob!


Mayor Garner St. John said...

Well whoop-dee-doo, Mr. H! I just checked in with my favorite blog, which I was worrying had somehow gone offline since last July, and lo and behold, I see a nice shout-out to yours truly. Mr. Quinn recently hosted his big Christmas eggnog-and-bratwurst hoedown, and we were chuckling at how his house is sometimes mistaken for Foxcroft. Of course, his garden consists mostly of Colonel Ezekial Quinn III's heirloom tomatoes, and he only uses his porch when the weather is between 68 and 75 degrees. But he is flattered by the comparison. A very Happy New Year to you and yours!

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