Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lookout Above!

We have finished a piece of exterior trim on the new gable! Pete and John put up the "lookouts" yesterday. They are the boxes that go around the beams that support the barge board on the new gable. The lookouts on the front of the house and sides are actually 3 boxes, tapering set one below the other. The lookouts in back on the gable over the back door are single boxes since it is out of public sight. We decided to do single boxes in the gable too.

Also here are pics of the flagstone path from the last post:


Anonymous said...

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derek said...

yeah free software... I had that message yesterday, I guess spam is hitting the blogs. I still don't understand what a lookout is. Is it the same as a corbel?

merideth said...

wow! it's looking great y'all

Anonymous said...

The lookouts are the horizontal boxes that come out from the house There is one at the peak and one on each side about even with the side walls of the dormer. The lookouts are basically decorative boxes (made out of 1" wide cedar in this case) that enclose the double 2x4's that actually provide support for the barge board. We were able to make the boxes on the ground, slide them into place, nail them to the now-hidden 2x4's and nail the end caps into place.

Wish the window was here.