Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lots of Progress

We continue to forge ahead here at Foxcroft. Since last Friday we now have a functional geothermal unit (Thank God, it was 95+ on Friday so we ran AC that day and Saturday.) Lisa and I sprayed and rolled First Coat primer over the entire upstairs' drywall on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. The plumbers came yesterday and installed the shower unit in the upstairs bathroom. Thankfully they didn't have to cut open the door opening to the bathroom to get the unit in. We were also lucky that the windows for the new gable aren't here yet as that was how they brought the unit in, there's no way it would have gone up the stairway. We will start spraying ceiling paint this week. Walls will soon follow.

Other signs of progress: I bought 8 matching oak doors, in jambs, with all hardware, on Ebay last week. I looked up doors on a whim and found an auction that was ending in less than an hour. The doors are in the Twin Cities, so I'll be taking a trip up there the weekend after Labor Day to get them. We need 9 doors total for upstairs so I'll need to find one to match these. The downstairs doors are all two vertical panels these are two horizontal, but I don't think that will be a problem.

In other news, we all started back to school yesterday, Laurel and I are back at the same places, Lisa started her new job with the regional education agency on July 1 (why not switch jobs in the middle of an already stressful time with a difficult move) and Rowan started at her new elementary school yesterday. Everyone came home happy last night, so I think we are now truly starting to settle in.

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