Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Measuring Progress by the Gallon

I was thinking about volume and measurement last night as I was painting the first topcoat in Rowan's bedroom. So far upstairs we have used:

15 gallons of first coat primer
9 gallons of ceiling paint
1 gallon of yellow wall paint

Lisa and I did the first coat primer together and were pretty fast once I completely tore apart, cleaned and replaced parts on the airless sprayer we were using. I sprayed and Lisa rolled behind me. I also used the sprayer on the ceilings, but would stop and roll since I was working alone at night. To do the walls I'll only roll since I don't want bleed over onto the finished ceilings.

I was thinking about volume and measurement because I was thinking about New Orleans while working. Lisa and I have visited there twice together, plus I have gone other times on business. I love the French Quarter and the Garden District. We have stayed at small B&B's and just love the atmosphere.

Looking at photos in the paper made me think about all the devastation. To have the levees burst after thinking the worst is over is cruel. We saw similar situations with the flood of '93 here in Iowa, but not as much area was wiped out so quickly.

I have relied on the papers for news because we haven't had a working TV since we moved in 6 weeks ago. There is a VCR hooked up for the girls to watch an occasion cartoon. We didn't plan on this happening, but the cable hook up got mixed up and we forgot about it. I can't say I've missed it at all, and neither has anyone else. Lisa did schedule them to come today, but I'm wondering if we wouldn't be better without...

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