Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More and More Floor

We worked upstairs on the floor again today. We put in spline (a piece to put in the back of a groove piece to allow you to work in the opposite direction) and now have the area between the top of the stairway and the laundry door finished.

Sometimes we have a warped board, here's how we get it into place: We screw down a block and use a crow bar to push it into place. This can be done by one person, who pushes and nails, but it’s much easier with two.

As we came to the other side of the stairway we knew we'd need to put a narrow piece in before we ran a full length piece alongside where the balustrade will go. Luckily we needed an inch and a half, and I have some boards of that width, which beats ripping a piece on the table saw.

We then glued and screwed down the first board on the other side of the stairs:

We are now working into the sitting room. When I stopped tonight we have 3 and a half feet to go to finish the room.

John may stop by tomorrow with the bathroom window he built.

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