Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Gifts O. Henry Style?

Lisa and I always seem to be on the same wavelength when we give each other gifts. A typical example: for our 5th anniversary Without either of us knowing what the other was planning I gave her an outdoor chimney, and she bought two cedar yard chairs. This year's Christmas gifts were not complementary like those, but still were oddly parallel.

I had been thinking about a picture for above the mantle, and bought one through Friends of Historic Preservation. This picture was in a house that the City of Iowa City had condemned, and FHP bought to restore. The painting is an original oil of a coastal landscape. It looks like northern California to me. Lisa is very much a "water person" and I knew she'd like it. I had it framed by the local A&C picture person, and it looks great. I had it hanging in my office for a month and really liked it. I gave it to Lisa on Christmas Eve so we could have it up when the family came for dinner, it got many compliments.

Lisa then gave her present to me early, so we could also use it on Christmas Eve: a new digital camera, so that I can record our family and our house projects with better quaility than I have been. So here I am using my present to show hers:

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