Monday, January 02, 2006

Floors and Football

We finished laying Rowan’s and Laurel’s floors on New Year’s Eve. Everyone got into the act for the completion. Pete brought his wife Susie over to help sort and lay. Rowan worked as our recorder first putting her name on the rosin paper before we laid floor over it

She then became our tool girl and kept handing me my plastic mallet or pry bar as needed. She then even took a few whacks on the floor nailer

When we were ready to start Laurel’s room we all signed in after Rowan wrote on it again

Lisa started to strip the casing for the doorways and windows which has been piled up in our room.
We then found the bowling game and the girls played in the finished room while we continued to work.

When we finished Laurel’s room she was very happy.

Also on the 31st. I called Mid America Salvage in Dubuque to buy a piece that Pete and I had seen the day before. On the 30th Pete and I made a trip to see what the salvage place had for either railing around the stairs and or more floor. We took pictures of a possibility for the stairway, and brought it home for Lisa’s approval.

She said “yes” so I will go get it next Friday.

Today we went to Pete’s to watch the Hawkeyes play in the Outback Bowl. We had a great time, but our Hawkeyes couldn’t quite get it done at the end. Rowan brought my ear guards, as Pete is known to occasionally get loud during the game.

Laurel was stylish in her Hawkeye apparel too.

Tomorrow we will start flooring the master bedroom.


home improvement ninja said...

The floors are looking good. I am still jealous of the pneumatic floring nailgun.

I finished up the flooring project (except for a few odd pieces here and there). I am hoping to post some pics in a day or two, but right now I'm getting ready to go to court to face the traffic nazis in the morning. THE LIGHT WAS YELLOW!

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