Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Major Hang Up

Well in keeping with my last post, “A Major Put Down”. Today I'll report on the progess Pete and I made on Sunday afternoon hanging doors upstairs. These are the doors I bought on Ebay, and recounted my experience travelling to the Twin Cities to get them in my previous post “Ever Lose a Ball Hitch at 60 MPH?”.

The doors were very close to our rough opening sizes, we decided to hang a closet door to get started. We did need to put a few cleats in the first door to get it tight.

We then slid the whole unit in and made sure the hinge side was plumb and even with the outer wall before nailing it in place. The whole thing was really pretty easy!

The second door was to the laundary room at the top of the stairs. This is where things got interesting

Since this room is built into the slope of the ceiling we needed to take some of the jamb off to accomodate the space.

We ended up doing a good job on it too, even though we were worried about carrying the jamb and door with the corner weakened by our cut out, no problems!

It seems that most of the doors had been whacked off to accomodate carpets or uneven floors (or both!) so we went back and made sure the bottoms were straight as we worked

We then hung the doors to both of the girls' rooms next, you can see Laurel's in the background of this picture of Rowan's

We hung the master bedroom last. We worked from noon to 5:00 which also included a break to drive to the hardware store, now I can't even remember why we went. Here's the hallway to the bedrooms now

We still need to hang the bathroom door, (we'll wait until the plumbers install fixtures) Laurel's closet door, and the door from our room to Laurel's closet. I also need to find a door for Rowan's closet since there are a total of 9 doors upstairs, and I bought 8 doors on Ebay.


StuccoHouse said...

I am seriously impressed by your upstairs project(s). It really could not look any better - or original.

I think you guys should come to my house once you are done and help me redo my upstairs :-)

Anonymous said...

"We worked from noon to 5:00 which also included a break to drive to the hardware store, now I can't even remember why we went."

To look at stair railing, old man!

Mike said...

Thanks for the kind words, Stuccohouse, I really do appreciate when you take the time to say you like what we're doing. I'm sure we could be hired to go North and do a consult!

Railing, that's what it was, thanks, Pete, how could I forget that giant splinter I got through the plastic packaged oak at Menards. Just a reminder: You're older than I am!