Monday, January 23, 2006

"It's the Plumber, I've Come to Fix the Sink!"*

Actually the plumbers came last week to install the sink in the upstairs bathroom, and the shower and the toilet. All that's left for the upstairs bath is to hook up supplies to the tub.

Other plumbing yet to complete is to hook up supplies and gas for the upstairs laundry, and to hook the water heaters into the geothermal system. I am hopeful that it could all happen this week.

Over the weekend I finished installing floor in one closet and nearly finished another. The leaves only the master bedroom closet yet to floor, then I can start removing all the leftover boards. Pete came by yesterday and we hung two more doors, which both lead into the one of the big closets.

We just need to find our 9th door to match these other 8 and the doors will be finished too.

*Of couse the line in the title is from The Electric Company a great old kids' show. The particular shtick was the plumber knocks on the door and the parrot asks "Who is it?" ad nauseum since it's the only phrase it knows, much to the increasingly angry response in this blog title.

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