Monday, November 13, 2006

Just Add Water

I finished painting bathroom trim over the weekend. I carried the salvaged pedestal sink up from the basement as well as the new toilet and put them in to place:

Now I wait for the plumber to come and hook them up.

I do have a few more things to finish yet. I took the door and the cupboard door down into the basement yesterday and began painting them:

As you can see from the first picture I also still need to paint the medicine cabinet door and the laundry chute door. Also when the wallpaper comes I'll hang it then install the trim piece for the top of the beadboard. That seems like a lot yet to do, but having the luxury of a first floor bath again after 6 months, I'll overlook the remaining details.


The Litter Box House said...

Hey there. :)

Aren't you worried about putting wallpaper in a bathroom? Or does this bathroom lack the "bath" part. My mom had wallpaper in her bathroom (a PO decoration) that was starting to peel. To hault the peeling my mom wouldn't let us use the shower in the bathroom. This lasted for 16 years! We had to go to the basement to shower. Can you tell I have bad feelings for bathrooms with wallpaper...

emily said...

It looks awesome. But why do you have a cardboard toilet?

Mike said...

Litter Box: Yes there is a shower in the bathroom, but since this will not be the primary shower, I am not as worried. I have papered bathrooms before, and not had too many problems. My standard work procedure, even with pre-pasted paper, is to mix up wallpaper paste to attach the paper. I think the "Double Dose" of paste helps greatly in a somewhat damper location.

Emily: Damn! You've outed us, the whole thing is really a sham, we're not doing real restoration al all! The plumber will come on Wednesday this week, and I'll let HIM take the toilet out of the boxes.