Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Poem as Lovely as a Tree?

It's dark, but this is our neighbor's enormous oak tree. People tell us all the time that that tree must be at least 150 years old, but Mike next door and I laugh because we have a photo of the two houses in 1929 with no tree there! When the new subdivision Foxcroft is in was platted in 1926 the land was all pasture. The realtors planted at least two fruit trees in the back of every lot and gave owners a choice of elm, white pine, or catalpa for the front. Only some of the pines are still left, but there are lots of BIG trees in our neighborhood.

Here is that photo:

And here is how our two houses looked from the same spot in May 2006:

Today is our last leaf vacuuming day, so we've spent even more time than usual raking.

We have four large walnuts. The story is that Bess brought these as seedling from the family farm when they moved to Foxcroft in 1928. I am tired of walnuts. I know I should be collecting and shelling them, but after a wheelbarrow load full in early October, I've been dumping them in the back ravine. I've put 7 wheelbarrow loads down there. This year they all lost their leaves in nearly a single night. Here are two in the front yard

Here is the really big one next to the garage:

This is a look at our side yard with our crabapple, and our neighbors giant oak and maple:

This is a look toward the far yard, we have another walnut, a black cherry, some hackberry, and then the neighbors pines:

Here is the oak across the street, it must be a pin oak since it still has all its leaves:

And with all these trees we then get a 3 foot high wall of leaves when we rake them to the street:

And here's a pile of walnut leaves and hosta debris:

This is what the street looked like when we left this morning, tonight they will all be gone:


Patricia W said...

Great pictures. I love to browse. You are so fortunate to have so many early pics of your home. I have a question: Your neighbor's roof has an incredibly steep pitch but what was used to cover the roof? Were those a special type of shingle or is the pattern formed using what was standard way back when? It seems so unusual.

I think it's wonderful that trees can get so huge in 80 years. We are very lucky that they do.

We have a big walnut in our backyard near the corner of the garage and you've got to beware and risk getting beaned in the head by a big walnut. The squirrels do a great job cleaning them up for the most part.

Mike said...

Ah the neighbor's old roof. I need to make an entire entry on it. Those are cedar shakes stacked in some places 9 shakes tall. It was done to simulate a thatched roof.I promise to get something pulled together about it. Today it is asphalt shingles.