Saturday, April 07, 2007

April is the Cruelest COLDEST Month

I took some pictures last weekend of some of our early flowers. They were up and blooming after our warm weather last month. It even hit 78 degrees on March 13th. Today when I got up at 6:00 am the temperature was 16. So I’m glad we enjoyed the early flowers because the tulips, whose flower stalks were just beginning to appear above the foliage, irises, and daylilly foliage are all frozen and laying on the ground. Lisa had planted a lot of bulbs last fall and is very disappointed. Oh well, our ferns and hostas will still come up later.

Here is our Siberian Squill.

This early ground cover pretty well blankets the lawn between us and the neighbors to the south.

It also grows in nearly every other bed in the yard. It seems to have really spread this year, probably due to our clearing out the overgrowth the past three years.

This plant might be wild ginger?

We have quite a bit of this is the “far yard.” It is a shade plant, and I hope it stays even though it will now get a little more sun since we cut back the 20 foot tall lilacs.

This last picture is the only picture I have of the "tree trimming" from two weeks ago. If you look above the birthbath/fairy garden, you will see what looks like a large post leaning on the fence/ It is the trunk of a hackberry tree that we cut down.

Once it gets above freezing I'll be able to get my peas in.


Georgetown House said...

Lots of housebloggers complaining about this cold snap... fortunately we only got a dusting of snow, not the 2-4" that they predicted!

I like those siberian squill a LOT - I just added that to my list of plants I'd like to get into my yard. Well, someday anyway!

StuccoHouse said...

I couldn't even bring myself to blog about the cold. My tulips & bulbs were off to a great start and now they are just sitting there stunned. They haven't laid down yet, so I am still holding out slim hope they will make it. Like your wife, I planted a ton of bulbs last fall. I think we are supposed to hit 15f tonight.