Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Than a Chair!

So, I was walking around at the consignment store on Tuesday, and saw a funky looking chair. I went to inspect it and knew immediately that we had to have this in our bedroom closet. The chair we had up there was fine, a nice vintage wooden folding chair that Lisa and I sit in to put on our shoes. But what I found was more than a chair...

Here it is in the closet

Here it is when you move it into the center of the closet:

When you pull the back of the chair down, it becomes an ironing board! This is something we have really needed since moving laundary upstairs:

And if you keep pulling it over it becomes a step stool, which we also need to reach the top shelf of the closet!

Definitely more than a chair!


StuccoHouse said...

Oh so cool! You need to make a pattern from it and get someone to make them & sell them. I'll be their first customer. Great find.

Ellen said...

That's a terrific find! I could use one of those as well.

I confess to lurking on your blog from time to time. I spent 7 years in Iowa City through my undergrad and grad school years. I think you posted an aerial picture once upon a time, and I could pick out about five different places in it that my husband or I had lived at one time. Go Hawks! :)

C-A said...

Wow, agree with stuccohouse - need to see these for sale on a mass scale! Second customer right here.

Mike said...

I've looked it all over after your comments, and I can't decide if it is home-made, or a commercial product. It wouldn't be too difficult to make one similar I think. My grandpa used to do exactly that, see something he liked, and then go build one for himself, unfortunately I'm not quite that good. I'll show it to my handy neighbor, Carl, and see what he says.