Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again

As major work on the house slows down I get to indulge in little things. After buying all my vintage wire I've been looking at all my electrical projects with renewed interest. The first was a bridge light base that a colleague gave my 5 years ago. It was such an early light that there isn't a hollow pipe for the wires to run inside. After purchasing, via online resources, a lamp bell socket and a wing nut swivel I could put it all together. Throw in a $4 shade from a local antique store and we've got one happening light:

Here is a close up:

Having this light next to the chair makes it a great reading spot now, so yesterday I happened to see a very cool magazine stand at a consignment place for $37, but it was 40% off so paid only $22.00. I already have my suduko book in it:

Last night while look at old photos for a picture for elder daughter's art teacher I found this shot:

So I have now unwittingly nearly recreated the original interior. Here is a picture from nearly the same spot:

The next post should detail my other big consignment store purchase...

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