Friday, July 11, 2008

Mailbag! Part 2

Picking up where we left off yesterday:

Commenting on Runner Up!
Jennifer said, "Congratulations! I love berry pie."

So did everyone. I'll make more next year certainly.

Commenting on I'm Floored By How It Looks
Tech Handyman said, "looks amazing! I will now have to read the rest of your blog. Be sure to keep us updated on the progress!!"

Umm sure, I have included your comment because it at least linked back to a blogger profile, but this seems a little spammish to me...

Commenting on On the Cutting Edge
StuccoHouse said, "Wow, that looks great."

Donald & Christie said, "Nice job! I like the verticle grain flooring. May i ask where you found it! Enjoyed you blog and will be watching for more! :)"

Stucco: Thanks! For those that haven't read her blog let me tell you, this is a highly valued compliment. She is one of those people who really does everything right with her historic home.

Donald & Christie: The flooring was from Friends of Historic Preservation's Salvage Barn. I helped pull it from a farm house outside Belle Plaine several years ago. This floor was used as interior floor, many of the pieces we pulled were over 12 feet long. You cannot get that quality lumber today.

Commenting on A Cool Thing About Elevation
Jenni said, "And you will never forget this comment...
“I will never ever forget this night!”
how sweet."

Thank you, Jeni. Like StuccoHouse, I read Jenni's blog often without commenting...

Commenting on Amateur Archivist
Captain Zamo said, "I lived in the basement of that house on golv with mick and helen in 1979. a family of racoons lived on the roof because helen often fed them. The famous Iowa Writer's Workshop was planned in the living room. mick worked for vance bourjally on blue bird farm."

Captain- I think you're the person who called me too, I was stripping paint when I talked to you and really wasn't focusing very well. I thought you were someone local calling to chat. I appreciate your call and information.

I am aware of the legend of the idea creating the Iowa Writer's Workshop being formed here. There is plenty of evidence confirming the friendship between Wibur Schramm's family and the Fox's: Wilbur Schramm autographed books found in the house and Bess' war time letters to Helen asking if she had read Wil's latest story in the "Saturday Evening Post," for example. But I cannot get any outside confirmation of that story from other sources... But that doesn't mean I don't repeat it or pass it along myself!


techhandyman said...

hey! I am not spam :( I really liked how your deck looked with just a simple stain it really lets the wood show its natural grain etc. I felt strange posting without having read the rest of your blog, I am still tying to catch up reading back posts.

Melissa said...


I am with This Old House Magazine and I'm looking for case studies of homeowners who have installed horizontal thermal heat pumps. From browsing the archives of your blog, it seems like you may have. Would you be up for answering a few questions about your experience with geothermal heat pumps?



Mike said...


My apologies, you have to go back and read my post with the comment from the rug company asking if I wanted to turn the dead squirrel/opossum into a rug to know how I don't always trust comments!

Melissa, I'd be happy to talk to you about our heat pump. My email is mayhem (at sign)