Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mail Bag! Part One

I'm not always good about getting back to people who comment on posts. I'm always a little surprised that anyone comments on my posts, especially since I read many blogs without commenting. But I wanted to answer recent questions so here goes:

Commenting on As If We Didn't Have Enough Water!
Christine said, "I hope you fare well with all the flooding. Good luck!"

We did OK, the river crested 18 inches lower than expected due to downstream levies and dikes failing. Their misfortune was our gain. The lower crest prevented my office from flooding. A fellow ICCD teacher and her family have moved into the rental house behind us, their acreage along the Cedar River completed washed out.

Commenting on Ride the River
Kathy from NJ said, "Thank you for all these pictures. I am very happy that your family is all safe.

I was looking at some of the original house plans and am curious about the storm cellar. Was it ever built? Is the storm cellar part of the basement?"

As to the storm cellar, yes it was built. It is no longer part of the basement because at some point they walled it in. When I look I can see where the opening was. My guess is that the thing leaked water into the rest of the basement. 20 years after the house was built photos show a big cinder block cold frame for starting plants right above where the storm cellar would have extended beyond the house. I'm guessing that contributed to problems. After we had owned the house we discovered that the foundation wall on that side was cracked. 5 Deadmen in the Basement explains what we had to do about that.

Commenting on And Now For Something COMPLETELY Different
NV said, "Wow! How awesome to see that same closet a lifetime ago and to have unearthed such treasures inside. It's great that you have such a connection to the original owners. Also, glad you haven't floated away. Bad year for us Midwesterners."

Jimbo said, "Make dude man spring for a ticket to London too! Woo!"

Jennifer said, "Very cool! I say you send them with a personal escort... you of course!"

Sandy said, "Awesome! I agree with Jennifer."

My thoughts exactly! Lisa and the girls get to leave for California next week but since we are implementing a new student information system in the school district, I am extremely busy right now training people on it. Maybe I'll blow all my overtime pay on a ticket... or new wooden storms, sigh.

I'll comment on the rest of the recent comments tomorrow! I promise.

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