Thursday, December 04, 2008

Helen's Diary Dec. 4, 1933

Dec 4, 1933

Worked only 6 1/2 hrs. Just like Spring, skated with Hilly + Jimmy after work. Lots of baby snails. Listened to Alexander Wolcott on Helen Hayes' new play "Mary Stuart."

(Helen Hayes as Mary Stuart)

My comments:

  • I believe Helen was doing work study in the French department.
  • Even though I use this picture to show Kinnick football stadium, actally the two figures are Helen and Hilly roller skating here:

  • Baby snails would have been part of the aquarium set up that Bess and Helen ordered. Their plan was to raise fish etc. in the aquarium over the winter and transfer them to their new pond in the spring.
  • "The Man Who Came to Dinner" was based on Alexander Woolcott. I greatly enjoyed playing Dr. Bradley in that show in high school.
  • The name of play was "Mary of Scotland" Helen Hayes played Mary Stuart. The show ran at the Alvin Theater, on Broadway from Nov 27, 1933 - Jul 1934. The playwright was Maxwell Anderson.

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