Monday, December 01, 2008

Goodbye Pepto Bismal Hall

We inched yet another step closer to "completion" over Thanksgiving weekend. I painted the hallway that leads from the dining room to the back two rooms, stairway, and bathroom. The shade of pink this very dark and dingy hallway sported prior to painting is the title for today's entry. I also painted the walls leading up the stairs to second floor. I used "Inviting Ivory," the same color as the second floor hallway, for both places, and since they are all adjacent, it ties together nicely.

Here is an original picture of the archway leading to the hall from the dining room:

Here is roughly the same shot today:

Looking down the hall from the dining room:

The hall is a dogleg, here is a view from the back family room, which was originally Bess' bedroom:

And looking up the stairway. I still need to cut the base shoe that will cap the stairs to length and install the new railing:

This now brings to two the number of spaces that we still need to restore. The next to be completed will be the "office" which was the daughter's bedroom when the house was built, it was our bedroom when we first moved in, and is now "the dog's room."
Here is an original picture:

And the same corner today:

The last will be the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

The kitchen will never get done!

Jenni said...

No. anonymous, our kitchen will NEVER be done.

Your staircase is so pretty.