Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beans Are Up!

After a really big rain most of last night I visited the garden this evening to find that the beans are just poking through the ground. Many are still wearing their seed coats:

These are Kentucky Wonder Beans and will grow up my 8 foot tall fence vigorously. I saved these beans from last year's crop.

My heirloom peas, planted the first week of April are nearly 3 feet tall right now:

In my 20 years of growing them and saving seeds, I think I have influenced their height by saving those which grew especially tall.

I'm trying potatoes again after we ate our entire inaugural crop last year at Thanksgiving. Jean, who I work with, gave me seed potatoes from Seed Savers in Decorah (I gave her peas). Here are the German Browns:

Not nearly as tall but vigorous are the Peruvian Purples:

I have to be a polyglot to garden this year.

Other early success are my onions, I've been eating them for nearly 3 weeks:

And my red leaf lettuce, which I started to harvest on Saturday:

Right next to the lettuce above are this year's new experimental plants, collard greens.

I've also got tomatoes, peppers, basil, cucumbers, cabbage, cantelope, watermelon, Chinese cabbage, zucchini and cilantro planted. I still need to put in some acorn squash and pumpkins.

Meanwhile as I work on all this, Lisa continues to sculpt the yard on a much grander, perennial scale. The textures. color, and depth never cease to amaze me, as they did on my way back to the house tonight:


karrey said...

I'm jealous of how tall your peas are. I don't think mine are getting enough sun. This is one of those times when I'm cursing my neighborhoods lovely shaded scenery.

Mike said...


These peas grow tall because I've always planted them on a tall fence and since I save the seeds, they are tall. My great aunt, when she gave the seeds to me 20 years ago, put a note in the bottle that read, "Eat pods, tall"