Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disappointed But Not Surprised

Wednesday night I went to the University Heights zoning comission hearing. After three more hours continued from two weeks ago, they voted 3-2 to defeat a motion to re-zone St. Andrew's church site to allow the propsed One University Place development. Mentioned previously here Controversy Rages, and here A Grocery Store.

Local media coverage is here Board Opposes Rezoning

If you're a REAL glutton for punishment you can read on the University Heights website the entire history of this development complete with citizen letters (including my own) sent to the P&Z Commissioners and City Council here Web Pages Concerning St. Andrew Church

The City Council Hearing will be on June 9th. Due to a petition of neighbors a supermajority of 4 out of 5 councilors will be needed for passage. Actually the supermajority would have been necessary due to the P&Z vote anyway.

Humorous Blog connection/irony: After the meeting I introduced myself to the developer and talked about about some of the historical artifacts I have including the original U-H development brochure here Coral Gables Subdivision of Iowa City, one of the other partners looks at me and says "I've seen that brochure it was on some guy's blog about his house!" He was quite surprised when I told him that was me. I really don't think there are more than 10 local people who know about the blog!


StuccoHouse said...

Sorry to hear about the project. Give it time. Developers that enter into that kind of project need to be a special breed, no? Takes a lot of effort & compromise on their part. They obviously aren't in it for a quick buck.

Funny when people "discover" who you are, isn't it?!

Mike said...

Hey Stucco,

I don't think there will be much of a time lag if city council defeats the re-zoning. My guess is that the developer if denied, he immediately releases the church from his restrictions and buys it outright. Then he turns around and either sells to the University and walks away with a profit, or he sells to University and is the contractor developing the site for them. Either way city gets no control over what happens, and gets no tax revenue.

I'm putting together a piece for city council that I'll also submit as a guest opinion to the local paper.


karrey said...

That reminds me of when YOU celebrity spotted me and Kevin when we visited the Salvage Barn!

Mike said...


I try to be be pretty careful about not seeming to be a crazy person when I talk to people. Some days it's hard...

karrey said...

Trust me, you did a fine job of not appearing crazy.