Friday, May 08, 2009

Welcome Bungalow Tourists!

Stuccohouse in the Twin Cities has organized a "virtual" tour since the TC Bungalow Club tour was cancelled. She graciously asked it we'd be a part, and we are delighted to do so.

A little about us:

We are the second family to live in our home. We owned the house for a year before beginning to restore it, and had the incredible opportunity to know the daughter of the builder in the final year she lived here as our life tenant. She passed away in December of 1994 at age 93. She was 18 when she moved in with her widowed mother in September of 1928. We started work to make it our home in 2005. We have had the privilege of keeping much of the historical documents that came with the house, including daily journals of mother and daughter.

Our biggest project was to take the unfinished 2nd floor of the house and make 3 bedrooms, a bath, laundry, and sitting area. The day we started in earnest is probably my favorite post in our blog:
A Little off the Top, Please

Look around, poke into dark corners, and generally have a good time!

When you're ready to move along,here are two other blogs I recommend highly:

House In Progress Jeanne and Aaron are the founders of the site that collects us all together. Their home blog traces a story very similar to Foxcroft's in that they too had a house full of stuff, but their work far exceeds ours. We traded tips back and forth about how to deal with large amounts of said "stuff." I was able to invite them to speak at Iowa City's Friends of Historic Preservation's annual meeting in 2008.

That's a Cute Little Farmhouse Becky has the honor of being the oldest houseblog in Iowa. Her writing is clear and interesting. She gives a great view of the challenges and rewards of small town living.

There are so many other great blogs I read, I feel bad only selecting two. But here are two upcoming REAL house tours you may want to check out as well

2009 Friends of Historic Preservation House Tour

Muscatine House Tour I know the owners of the featured home, click on the "image" link it is unbelievable. 5,000 square feet overlooking the Mississippi River.

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Sandy said...

Love the tour! So glad to see you're participating and you have links to some of my favorites! House In Progress is the reason I got hooked on all of your wonderful houseblogs!