Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a DIFFERENT Shade, Really!

So I've been working on the room that will be Lisa's office space and a guest bedroom. This room was originally Helen's bedroom. When she and her husband returned to Foxcroft in the mid 1950's it became their bedroom. I'm guessing the room was last painted about that time. We have already painted the ceiling (after stripping off the wallpaper on it) and stained and varnished the floors. Here are a few shots from painting.

Primer covering the 50 year old paint job, you can also see the cracks I filled in:

When I pulled the radiators 4 years ago we discovered the original rose color for the room, that was mentioned in the plan book Bess gave the builders. The room seems to have been painted a grand total of two times before our current project:

Here's the new paint, which looks a LOT like the old, except maybe not quite as "minty." The color is "Sweet Sage."

And some more:

To remove the ceiling paper I had removed the picture rail. We cleaned, stained and varnished it. With the painting done I could put it back up.

And here is the railing back where it belongs.


Black Dog's Photographer said...

Thats going to look nice. I love the color you've picked.

You're lucky they only painted the room. Some of the rooms in my house had layer after layer of wall paper even on the ceiling.

Mike said...

Hey Dog,

At our previous house they tore off the wallpaper only where it was loose then they painted over the whole mess. Nothing like having to take a heat gun to the paint INSIDE the house to scrape it off then strip wallpaper.

The fact that so little was ever done is a huge blessing to our way of thinking.

Derek said...

We have a similar picture rail in our dining room that I'm painting now. We had to do some major plaster repair on the walls. We had wallpaper on the ceiling as well as painted wallpaper on all the walls...

Allison said...

One tip on the plaster repair, from a painter I know. When you add the joint compound, have it extend over the cracks so you get extra adhesion to hold it in place.