Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kitchen Update #1

Here is a first kitchen update after announcing that we were actually doing something.

Last week I finished painting the wall and some trim. Here is a shot of the sink and the edge of the cupboards:

Since I've taken this picture I have:
  • returned the brass switch and outlet plates
  • put up the trim at the top of the cupboards
  • added the trim that runs around the kitchen between the window and cupboard
  • added quarter-round to the baseboard
  • added base shoe to the cupboard toe kick area
Here is a picture of the nook:

I just se the table in place, I haven't attached it yet. You can see the trim above the nook, that will run all the way around the kitchen.

What I'm working on now:

  • trimming out the back door
  •  baseboard for the exterior wall on both sides of the door
  • upper trim on both sides of the door
Hopefully I'll have some more pictures to share in a couple of day...


Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! It's great to see an original intact kitchen. We're hoping to remodel our kitchen someday to have similar cabinets and sink. Our original kitchen was taken out decades ago and we have cheap '80's cupboards and vinyl flooring.

Alex said...

I love reading all about the changes. I especially love these cabinets! They have so much character and don't look like every other cabinet out there.