Thursday, April 17, 2008

HELEN's Diary!

I've posted from Bess' diary before, but haven't ever posted from her daughter, Helen's. Here is a post from 1933 when Helen would have been a senior at the University of Iowa:

APRIL 17, 1993 Monday

Up at 9. In town, shopped. Made divinity. Made over sleeves of green dress. Had Progressive party 8- 1:30. Williams, Olsens, Williams & here. Marg, Izzy, Hilly, Ilse, Self, Bob Mudge, Tom Miller, Ippen, Carl Drumm. Bob Mudge kissed me in the kitchen on a bet.

Wow, I'll need to go read more of her stuff more often!

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Jenni said...

Divinity, a party, out to 1:30, and a Kiss.

Wow! I really enjoy reading the Diary posts.