Monday, April 07, 2008

Milestones, Rituals, and One Crazy Idea


Last month marked the 3rd anniversary of the blog. March 2005 seems like a lifetime ago, but at the same time it feels like it was only last week. This post is the 200th for the blog too.


I planted peas last weekend. My oldest daughter helped, meaning that now a 6th generation of our family has planted them since my great-great grandmother brought them to the U.S. from Luxembourg. Here's how they looked in the 2006 Foxcroft garden:


I've been thinking about the garage. I've straightened it, but it still needs LOTS of work (as does the exterior of the house!)I've been reluctant to start anything, because it is a small single car garage.

I broke down and looked at new garage plans, and found some that would be aesthetically pleasing, but would hate to give up the yard space, and shudder to think of the cost of removing the HUGE black walnut RIGHT NEXT to the garage:

So I went back to the garage plans site today and found this:

Behm Garage Designs

It's a single sized garage WITH A LIFT! You can drive the first car in, raise it up and then DRIVE IN A SECOND CAR!

This is great, I can restore and keep my historic garage, AND get two cars in. It's got to be cheaper to buy a lift than it would be to remove the tree and build a two car garage.

As my neighbor Mike said when I showed this to him tonight, "How are Lisa and I going to know when you've really gone senile?"


Jimbo said...

Holy crap, I love this idea.

If you pull this off, you'll have earned your Rube Goldberg merit badge for sure.

StuccoHouse said...

I have the exact same garage dilemma going on over here down to the monster tree (mine if an oak). I love the lift. I think you should buy it and build it....and if it works, I'll follow your lead :-)

Laughed out loud at the senile comment. I wonder if lead poisoning also leads to deminished capacity.....

Josh said...

Congratulations on the milestones! The lift idea is brilliant, assuming your garage is tall enough to accommodate it. Just beware the temptation to drive a cooler car once you can literally put it on a pedestal!

Anonymous said...

Lift garages are all over Michigan. Of the two that I am intimately familiar with, the lift is the 'winter storage' for the vintage restored GM car.