Friday, April 18, 2008

Vindicated by the USGS!

Both Lisa and I were awakened to the sound of one of the cats hitting things up on her dresser this early this morning. She got up to shoo it away and there wasn't a cat there. She then went on the bathroom and I noticed that the bedroom door was hitting the antique iron we use as a stop to hold it open, and that the bed was shaking. I quickly looked over at the clock which said 4:43.

When Lisa came back I said we just had a tremor. Lisa laughed said, "Yeah, right." and went back to sleep. I checked the news online this morning and my internet provider's news had this story

5.2 earthquake rocks large region of Midwest

By my calculation we are more than 300 miles from the center of the quake. With the quake starting at 4:37 and our clock being a few minutes fast I'm guessing we felt it 3-4 minutes after it hit in Illinois.

Thank you, U.S. Geological Survey!

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Jen @ J&J Acres said...

I felt it this morning too! (But I thought the neighbor had started working on the fields early and was coming to plow down our house!) hee hee.